Kids Bake Classes

Live Classes

* Pre-recorded classes are also available for $15 *

Classes can hold up to 16 students (for live classes) and last 1.5 - 2 hours.

Classes are $20 per student
Classes under 5 students -- flat rate of $100

Due to the holiday season, baking classes are limited. Please contact me to inquire availability!

Current Classes Available:

S'mores Brownies
Campfire Cupcakes
Gluten Free Brownies + Fudge Sauce
"Ice Cream" Sundae Cupcakes
Ultimate Chocolate Chip "Spider" Cookies
Cookie Monster Cookies
Caramel Stuffed Snickerdoodles
Pumpkin Muffins with a Cream Cheese Swirl
Cinnamon Strudel Muffins
Biscuits & Homemade Jam