Hello there,

I'm the J of JBakes. My name is Jennifer Leigh Hood - you can call me Jenn. I am a Registered Dietitian (not the words you thought you would see here, I know) living & baking in Winston-Salem, NC.

Baking has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I spent many days in the kitchen with my parents, too small to even see over the kitchen counter. I'm much cleaner now, promise!

Fast forward to college - Following my first love of food, I became interested in the science behind it. When you cook it, bake it, eat it,

how does it all happen? I was fascinated. What happens when it digests? What is the difference between using butter and oil in a cake? Could I use this knowledge to enhance the textures, flavors, and quality of the things I was making? I started experimenting and developing my own recipes using my knowledge of food science and my love for great flavor. 

Four Year Old, Me Baking Christmas Cooki

This hobby of mine became today's business when I was at a restaurant celebrating a friend's birthday eating the cake I made. Making friends with the table next to us, we shared some birthday cake with them. After trying it, one of the ladies immediately asked for my business card. Not having one to give her, my mind began thinking and my eyes started visioning.  

One day these thoughts and dreams became a reality when I filed my LLC. But JBakes goes beyond making and selling cakes. I have a passion for helping people. In my professional work history, I always found myself in an educational setting in various facets. I love seeing others develop and grow. Even more, I love being a part of a system or process that encourages that growth.

So I created JBakes to combine these personal desires into a life long business. Whether I simply sweeten your day or fuel your mind & body, I promise you that JBakes provides beyond measuring cups for any and everybody! 



where people


flavor matter.